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Black Friday deals excite Spokane shoppers

By Lindsay Boysen

Anxious shoppers brave the cold for Black Friday deals outside Best Buy last night. Photo by Lindsay Boysen.Even though the economy is going down that doesn’t stop Christmas from coming. Americans have set aside a day for sales galore; the day in consumer history known as “Black Friday”.

So where are the best places to go to get your money’s worth? I went through all of the papers, searched online and visited Spokane’s most popular Black Friday stores to see where you can save that extra dollar and how early shoppers are waking up to get it.

From what I’ve found, the best deals are at Kohls, Macys and Wal-Mart for clothing and general merchandise. For a new digital camera or cell phone, try Radio Shack, Circuit City or Best Buy. Of the three, Best Buy is the main source for deals, with laptops starting at $379 and digital cameras starting at $79.

Black Friday mania was in full swing in the early morning hours at Best Buy, where some of the anxious customers had been there since 1:30pm, which is “a normal time to arrive,” the shoppers said, from their tents and sleeping bags, lined up against the building. Though it was freezing out, the shoppers were in good spirits. Some people weren’t even waiting to buy something, but were keeping their friends company in their shopping tradition.

The cold and competitiveness aren’t for everyone. For those who don’t want to brave the icy sidewalks to be first in line, stores such as Target are offering two day sales, to better fit shoppers’ schedules.

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